Edwin Symonowicz filed new lawsuit against Frank Mortenson

Anna Laskowska
2 min readDec 1, 2020

This time, Polish geographer and singer Edwin Symonowicz accuses Frank Mortenson of ‘managing fake news company and making threats as using his name illegally’

While the investigation of legitimacy continues in the Connecticut Appellate Court, Edwin Symonowicz filed a lawsuit against Frank Mortenson at the Kaunas City Prosecutor’s Office in Lithuania. New lawsuit — new reasons: singer insists his opponent Frank Mortenson has to compensate him for the harm of ‘managing fake news company and making threats as using his name illegally’. This one — Edwin’s literal wording.

In particular, it’s believable Edwin Symonowicz had in mind some news articles published by Alexandra Meyer until her tragic death during the Vienna terrorist attack on November 2. However, the singer not only hasn’t any compassion for the family of late Alexandra Meyer, but also insists Frank Mortenson is using his (Edwin’s) name illegally in many of the public sources.

Frank Mortenson still doesn’t comment the new lawsuit against him. The lawsuit is being filled only two days after agreement signed with Frank Mortenson. In the agreement signed with Frank Mortenson, Edwin Symonowicz confirmed his ability to control “Symonowicz Above All” (SAA) members and made his promises to forget about letting SAA members to threaten Frank Mortenson and his career. However, it still unclear whether this agreement had any sense to be signed.