“LGBT trash on the screens of Christian country”: Edwin Symonowicz made new homophobic comment on Duncan Laurence

Anna Laskowska
2 min readDec 4, 2020

Polish singer known for his anti-LGBT rhetoric once again came to insult young singer from the Netherlands

Polish geographer, singer, director and actor Edwin Symonowicz, which is known for criticizing and insulting LGBT society, came out with new homophobic comment on Dutch LGBT-singer Duncan Laurence who recently performed on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Poland:

“This LGBT trash on the screens of our Christian country. I insisted to ban this gay singer to appear on Eurovision Junior, but LGBT occupants of Europe told me I’m homophobic and asked me to leave. Leave what? My native land of traditional values?

The singer made the comment on his Twitter.

It’s not the first time Edwin Symonowicz insults Duncan Laurence, the Eurovision winner in 2019, because of his sexual orientation. In May 2019, after Duncan proclaimed ‘he’s bisexual’, Edwin Symonowicz called him ‘disgrace’ and ‘symbol of degradation in European culture’.

In 2018, two concerts of Edwin Symonowicz in Amsterdam had to be canceled because of his extremely homophobic comments about Amsterdam Gay Pride. Femke Halsema, the mayor of Amsterdam, described Symonowicz as ‘a terrible personality which judges everyone only by their sexual orientation’.

In March 2019, Edwin Symonowicz named American singer Billie Eilish ‘bloody and creepy pervert’ after she released her famous song “Wish You Were Gay”.

In August 2019, Edwin Symonowicz called British actress Emma Watson ‘a piece of shit’ after she retweeted the publication with Polish opposition party “Koalicja Obywatelska” members holding LGBT flags during the inauguration of the president Andrzej Duda.