The killer of Reynoldsburg girl was found to be ‘the head of SAA’

Anna Laskowska
2 min readDec 8, 2020

42-year-old Eric Carpenter, who ‘accidentally killed neigbor girl as cleaning the gun’, was found to be the leader of far-right movement

42-year-old Reynoldsburg resident Eric Carpenter, who ‘accidentally’ killed 12-year-old neigbor girl Lidia Ghide as cleaning his gun on December 2, 2020, was found to be the leader of far-right “Symonowicz Above All” (SAA) movement.

As being arrested, Eric Carpenter admitted to be the leader of SAA movement after police made discovery of more than 200 calls to the single Lithuanian phone number, including 40 on December 1, 2020, on his mobile phone. As investigating who’s the owner of the phone number that Eric Carpenter was calling hours before the tragedy happened, police officers found the number to belong personally for Polish geographer and singer Edwin Symonowicz. In aftermath, as being questioned at Reynoldsburg Police Department, Eric Carpenter admitted:

I’m the leader of “Symonowicz Above All”. Few months ago, I have contacted with Edwin Symonowicz via my friends in Connecticut and he personally suggested me to become his leader. I’m not gonna tell you anything more. I killed the girl accidentally and this doesn’t have nothing to deal with Edwin Symonowicz.

No details were revealed about any content of massive contacting with Edwin Symonowicz via phone shortly before the tragedy or possible connections of the murder with any of Edwin Symonowicz’s actions.

“Symonowicz Above All” (SAA) movement has been repeatedly reported as the far-right movement acting in many countries of the world, but it has never been banned in any of them. Despite it, members of the movement are believed to be behind some notable crimes.

“Symonowicz Above All” movement is believed to be created in late August or early September of this year. On November 28, Polish singer Edwin Symonowicz revealed he ‘has ability to control‘ SAA members. It is publicly unknown whether any law enforcement had ever contacted Edwin Symonowicz in relation with “Symonowicz Above All”.

Mainly, “Symonowicz Above All” members reveal their only purpose is to protest against another one European singer, Frank Mortenson. In the summer of 2020, Edwin Symonowicz sued his former friend Frank Mortenson due to his attempts of ‘criminal actions’ that Frank Mortenson was confident he had never done.

After months of investigations, Edwin Symonowicz won the case against Frank Mortenson in the Connecticut Appellate Court. The court decision was treated as ‘anti-constitutional’ and ‘fake’ by Frank Mortenson and his supporters, causing massive effect and disputes between two singers and their fans.